Egyptian Hand Blown Glass Chandeliers

LIZA'S years of nurturing a group of Egyptian Glass Blowers has brought a craft, method and style of glassblowing that dates back in history, into the present.

Each piece of individually blown glass is set, assembled and wired by our craftsmen and electricians here in the United States. These chandeliers can be ordered in a range of styles and configurations.  Liza Sherman offers a selection of finishes for the chains and rings, including nickel, and brass.

Hand Blown Glass Bubble Chandeliers

The Handblown Glass Bubble Chandelier is a product of the Liza Sherman Studio.
Offered in a range of sizes, the Glass Bubble Chandelier is available in Clear Glass, variants of Clear and Blue Glass or by special order in the full range of the Reichenbach Glass Palette.

Industrial Lighting

Liza's choices in Industrial Lights, ranging from early 20th century French Jielde's, to Soviet Era Eastern Block Factory Fixtures, to American Crouse Hinds explosion proof pendants - all put a subtle affirming turn on whatever design they are set amongst.