About LIZA SHERMAN Antiques

At LIZA SHERMAN, Lighting, Chandeliers, Furniture and Textiles all bear out a spirit of reinvention, offering a spritely gravitas to design habitats and making everything around it look its’ best.

The Liza Sherman curatorial form extends into the materials themselves, bringing ancient Egyptian Glass Blowing Practices into the 21st century, harnessing their elemental timelessness through design that speaks to the present in Egyptian Hand Blown Glass Chandeliers and Turkish Cafe Chandeliers.

Through design and application of materials, the Hand Blown Bubble Chandelier, whether turned on or off, offers distinct palettes of light, making them dynamic objects for living.

Even her choices in Reclaimed Industrial Lights, ranging from early 20th century French Jielde's, to Eastern Block Factory Fixtures, to American Crouse Hinds explosion proof pendants - all put a subtle affirming turn on whatever design vernacular they are set amongst.